Car Insurance Type 3 for basic coverage on the road

If you’re driving a much older car, you don’t drive often or you’re looking to save a bit more budget, Type 3 car insurance provides your vehicle with basic protection and with a much lower insurance rate when compared to Type 3+ car insurance. Compare Type 3 car insurance with and choose from different insurance brands to help you save money while still obtaining sufficient coverage for your automobile.

Where is the best car insurance Type 3 ?

The best car insurance Type 3 can be found when you compare between 30+ different insurance brands on . A good quality Type 3 coverage will provide customers with a sum insured policy from THB 2,000,000, which would cover third party liability vehicle damages, as well as additional protection of THB 100,000 and up for various medical expenses that may be caused by road accidents.

What are different features of Type 3 vehicle insurance?

This will depend on the different insurance brands, but the following are some generally common features of Type 3 coverage;

Common features of Type 3 coverage

High sum coverage for third party damages, bodily injuries and loss of life

Liability of medical expenses and personal accident resulting from car accidents

Who should buy car insurance Type 3?

Type 3 insurance is suitable for people who may be on a budget, do not drive long distances or have an older car. If you are not certain whether Type 3 is suitable for you, we recommend the following attributes to determine if you are suitable for Type 3 coverage;

Driving very short distances
Driving a vehicle that is older than 7 years
Not driving often
Have a limited budget
An experienced driver but has made 2 or 3 claims within a year

What is the average cost of Type 3 vehicle insurance?

This will depend on the insurance brand that offers the policy but usually a Type 3 policy will cost between THB 1,500 and up to THB 3,500 depending on many variables such as vehicle brand, year, model, driving history, any car modifications and any additional coverage options that the customer may want to add.

Average Cost

฿1,500 - ฿3,500

What is different between a Type 3 and Type 3+ insurance policy?

Type 3+ offers a higher sum of insured car insurance, however, vehicle insurance Type 3 provides a lower sum insured and only for third party liability. Type 3 will not provide coverage for own damages resulting from a car accident and will only cover damages to a third party vehicle when involved in a road accident with a third party. Additionally, Type 3 policies do not provide coverage for flood or fire damages to the motor vehicle. Of course there are other differences between these two types of automobile coverage, but the differences will vary more depending on which insurance provider you choose.

What is covered by Type 3 vehicle insurance in detail;

+ What coverage does car insurance Type 3 provide for own damages?

  • Type 3 insurance policies will not cover own damages.

+ Does Type 3 insurance provide 24/7 road support?

  • Depending on your insurance provider, most Type 3 insurance policies do not provide towing or road support.

+ What coverage does car insurance Type 3 provide for natural disasters?

  • Type 3 policies do not cover natural disasters or fire damage to the automobile.

+ What coverage does Type 3 motor insurance provide in case of car theft?

  • Type 3 policies do not provide coverage for car theft or break in.

+ What insurance coverage does Type 3 provide for liability for third party damages?

  • Coverage for damages and liability to a third party vehicle as well as any bodily injury or loss of life that is caused by the insured party during a road accident.

    Example is if the insured party has a car accident with another vehicle and causes damage to the third party car bumper and also a small neck muscle injury to the third party passengers that requires minor medical attention.

  • Coverage for any bodily injury or any medical expenses that are related to a road accident.

    Example is if the insured vehicle is hit from the side, breaking the side window and causing cuts to the driver’s arm and hands which would require medical treatment.

+ What are additional coverage options and upgrades for Type 3 car insurance?

  • Named driver or any driver upgrade

+ What is better, named driver or any driver for Type 3 policy?

  • This will largely depend on who is driving your automobile most of the time. This coverage upgrade allows for adding additional drivers to your insurance policy and still receive the same level of coverage. Most insurance companies will only allow you to be named as the driver in the policy but by paying an extra fee, you can add other named drivers to your insurance coverage. You can upgrade this even more to have any driver in your policy by charging a higher fee to your insurance premium.

    Example of this is if you have a car that you share with your roommate. By selecting this upgrade on your insurance plan to allow for any driver, any one of your friends or family members are able to drive the vehicle without having to be named in the policy and still receive the same level of coverage. This will increase your insurance premium but it will also guarantee that your car is protected, no matter who is driving it.

+ How to make an insurance claim for my Type 3 policy?

  • This will depend on your insurer and their claim guidelines. You can visit our How to Claim page that provides a bit of insurance claim information for the most popular insurance companies in Thailand.

+ What if I’m not sure about choosing Type 3 as my car insurance policy?

  • Feel free to reach out and contact us at and we are happy to go through the details of each insurance brand and policy options so that you may find the protection suitable for you. Contact: 02 582 8836