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Car Insurance

No claims bonus (NCB) is a discount at renewal on your premium, if you didn’t have any claim in the past year.

Car insurance excess is the amount you’ll have to pay when you make a claim on your insurance, if you are at fault.
For example, let’s assume you have a car insurance policy with 2000 THB excess.
One day you have a car crash because you didn’t respect a red traffic light and caused 6000 THB damage. You will have to pay the first 2000 THB, while the insurance will cover the other 4000 THB.
In the same example, if somebody else crashes into you because they didn’t respect the red light, it’s not your fault, so you will not have to pay anything and all the reparation costs will be covered.

To make a claim you should contact your insurance.

Compare Rates

Compare prices and plans to see which insurance company offers the best plan for your needs.

Drive Safely Avoid accidents and claims will help you reduce your premium in the next years. Pay Upfront You can often get discounts or promotions when you pay the full yearly price. Increase Your Excess Paying an excess can help you reduce your overall premium without additional costs for you, if you have no accidents at fault. Choose Panel Garage Selecting panel garages reduces the reparation costs for the insurance in case of accident and your overall premium. Choose named driver plans Having a named driver allows the insurance company to know who will be driving the car and reduce your cost, compared to having any driver covered.

There are five types of voluntary car insurance in Thailand:
Type 1

This is the most comprehensive type of insurance and it covers you from all accidents and problems, including accidents not involving a third party, fire and theft, flood.

Type 2+

Type 2+ does not include accidents not involving a third party.

Type 3+

Type 3+ does not include accidents not involving a third party, fire and theft.

Type 2

Type 2 does not include any accident, with or without a third party, but it still covers fire and theft.

Type 3

Type 3 covers only medical expenses and third-party liability.

More powerful and more expensive cars are more expensive to repair. That’s why their premium is usually higher

Young drivers are considered more at risk of having accidents than older drivers. And that’s why their premium is usually higher

The price is determined by a variety of factors, such as the insurance company, the insurance type, type of car, what you use it for, and many others.
MrKumka is here to make that process simpler and quicker, by filling your data only once, compare and select the best plan for you.

Mr. Kumka

There are many cars insurance available in Thailand. You can purchase one of their plans directly from them or through a broker, online, by phone or in person.

Although you are legally obliged only to have a compulsory insurance, the coverage is extremely limited and it is always suggested to have a voluntary insurance to cover you in case of accidents, fire, theft, flood or other unfortunate events.

When you choose the plan for you, click “Call me Back” to get contacted by the insurance or “Buy Now” to purchase online.

It’s very easy! Click on “Compare”, input your personal details, your car information and check all the insurance prices! You can check them individually or you can select up to 5 of them and click “Compare” to check all the features one by one.
When you choose the plan for you, click “Call me Back” to get contacted by the insurance or “Buy Now” to purchase online.

MrKumka is a Cost-per-Click platform. That means that when you decide to go to an insurer website, we get paid.
Using a CPC model instead of commission allow us to remain independent because we will never push you to buy something more expensive to make more money. No matter what you choose we will make the same amount.

We are a customer advocate, meaning that:
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We do not show “clickbait” products. Only real products that are worth of your time and money.
We allow online payment. After a comparison you can choose if you want to get in touch with an agent of the insurance of your choice or you can directly buy from them!

MrKumka considers your driver profile and provides the exact prices for your needs.
You tell us about your car, yourself and your coverage needs and get instantly dozens of side-by-side quotes from top insurance companies for free!

MrKumka is a car insurance comparison site, where you can get car insurance quotes from several insurances for your exact profile, without approximation.
MrKumka allows drivers to find the best value for their money, without buying something they don’t need or something that is not enough for them.
The site was established in 2017 to simplify online auto insurance shopping and allowing drivers to directly buy online.