Who is Mr. Kumka?

A new and intuitive financial comparison company with the goal of making shopping for financial services to be easy, convenient and transparent for the customer. We understand and simplify insurance and other financial services for you to get the best deals in the current market, screening all product offers before showing them to you. No more sales agent pressure, no more doubts, get the coverage you actually want and deal direct with the provider. We strive to live up to our name and provide each customer 'value for money' which is what Mr.Kumka means in Thai. Check your quote today and find out why customers are constantly using our website to compare.

Our website

Mr.Kumka.com (“Kumka”) is a website that is a part of the Roojai group of companies which include Roojai Co., Ltd., Roojai Service Co., Ltd. and Ignite Service Co., Ltd. However, MrKumka.com is operated and managed separately by us, the Mr.Kumka team.

Our service is to compare financial products and to help you find the best deal for your financial needs in the current market. We carefully choose and screen various products’ offers based on customer requirements/interests before showing them to you with no sales agent pressure.

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