Compulsory Car Insurance or ‘Por Ror Bor’ in Thailand

No matter what kind of car you drive in Thailand, it is required by law to insure your vehicle with compulsory car insurance. Any vehicle drivers must purchase this insurance every year in order to provide basic protection to their vehicle and people inside. However, because compulsory vehicle insurance provides a very limited amount of sum insured, most drivers purchase voluntary vehicle insurance as well.

What is Compulsory Car Insurance or ‘Por Ror Bor’?

A government required insurance for all motor vehicles as stipulated in Motor Victims Protection Act B.E. 1992 which came into effect on 5 April 1993, requires all cars, motorcycles and other vehicles that are registered with the Department of Land Transport. Drivers of such vehicles must purchase Compulsory Motor Insurance or as it is known locally ‘Por Ror Bor’, in order to provide basic insurance coverage for anyone affected by road accidents, whether they are drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

มิสเตอร์คุ้มค่า มีแต่คุ้มค่า สินเชื่อรถยนต์

Why is Compulsory Motor Insurance required by law?

This form of insurance is required by law in order to alleviate any potential financial or physical harm affecting any person that was caused by a car accident. This form of insurance coverage guarantees and promotes;

มิสเตอร์คุ้มค่า มีแต่คุ้มค่า สินเชื่อรถยนต์

How much coverage does Compulsory Motor Insurance provide?

Compulsory insurance, of course offers a lower level of protection compared to other voluntary vehicle insurance policies, but nonetheless still offers some basic protection on the road. It offers the following;

What if I don’t buy Compulsory Insurance?

Compulsory motor insurance is required by law no matter what other insurance that car drivers have decided to purchase. Not purchasing this insurance type every year before paying for the annual car tax will result in legal problems for the drivers of uninsured vehicles. Any form of violation of the Compulsory Insurance Act will result in a fine up to 10,000 THB.

How do I buy Compulsory Car Insurance or ‘Por Ror Bor’ online?

If you are having trouble navigating our online platform, feel free to reach out and contact us at and we are happy to go through the details of your purchase so you may acquire this insurance type in time to pay for your car tax.