"Tip up to mile" – Vehicle Insurance Coverage that Meets Your Real Driving Needs

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

You can choose

5,000 km or 10,000 km annually


Tip Up to Mile Type 1 Car Insurance Coverage from Dhipaya

For those who drive much less annually, can pay their insurance premium based on actual kilometers driven while still getting all the benefits of Type 1 vehicle insurance.





Personal coverage

Third party liability

Tip up to mile

For drivers who drive for personal use or short distances

Those who use their cars mostly for picking up children or shopping

Vehicles that are parked more often than driven

Drivers that use their automobile only when absolutely necessary

Other advantages

Type 1 High Sum Coverage

From the start of the policy, choose to pay by miles driven

Annual cost starts at 4,900 THB

Insurance coverage can be added or refilled based on your driving needs

Pay in installments by credit card

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Conditions of the warranty

1. Accepting an automobile that is less than ten years old and merely repairs the garage
2. The company has the right to inspect the condition of the car. before every car insurance, take a picture of the distance
3. Calculate the sum insured by taking the market price and subtracting 10% depreciation.
4. Accessories or accessories installed on the vehicle as standard by the assembly plant or car dealership are protected.
5. When the applicant has paid the insurance premium, the policy becomes effective.
6. Tip up to mile cannot be terminated.
7. In the renewal year, the company has the right to offer a history discount. TIPS FOR UP TO MILE CAR INSURANCE