Reduce your Car Insurance Premium by Adding "Excess" Insurance to your Policy

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

example of a first-class insurance policy that decides to pay the first 5,000 baht for the Honda City 2017.

Type 1

วันดี๊ดี 5

Beginning price 8,900.- /year

Type 1

Male, married, and above the age of 35

Beginning price 9,117.- /year

Type 1


Beginning price 9,600.- /year


Everyone would like to have a lower insurance premium when purchasing vehicle insurance. But when you are selecting which insurance to purchase, it is important to think about how your insurance will help you in the event of a car accident. Being at fault in an accident can mean that your insurance premium will increase and affect your good driver history. To avoid this scenario in minor accidents, it is recommended to add Excess Insurance to your policy and you can find many promotions for such policies with

When comparing insurance premiums between those with Excess and without Excess, we can see that the cost is much lower when adding Excess Insurance. For example, if you chose an insurance policy for a Honda City vehicle, the insurance premium may be between 12,000 THB to 20,000 THB, but by adding Excess Insurance, you can lower the premium to be 10,000 THB or even lower depending on car and driver profile.

Even if you are a safe driver and follow all the traffic laws, it is still possible to be involved in a road accident. Whether it is because of a third party or causing minor scratches while parking, Excess Insurance will help you avoid making unnecessary claims for minor damages and maintain your good driver history.

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