Choosing auto insurance coverage: comprehensive car insurance vs. compulsory motor insurance

Find the best comprehensive insurance coverage options

Comprehensive motor insurance is one of those things drivers absolutely need. In fact, according to the Motor Victims Protection Act which came into effect on 5 April 1993, all motor vehicles registered with the Department of Land Transport are required to have “Compulsory Motor Insurance” – known in Thai as “Por Ror Bor”. However, since “Por Ror Bor” only provides limited benefits, drivers are encouraged to purchase extra “Comprehensive Car Insurance” to ensure maximum protection for their car and themselves, and this is where it starts to get complicated.

The large amount of insurance plans and brokers out there sometimes make the decision-making process overwhelming. Add onto that the sky-high fuel prices, varying individual circumstances and driving behaviours, and you get a recipe for a headache. No wonder many people decide to keep things simple and just buy compulsory motor insurance, all the while increasing their risk driving with lower coverage. Fortunately, MrKumka has got you, and your car covered (literally).

What does compulsory vehicle insurance cover?

Compulsory insurance ensures basic coverage and was made a legal requirement in Thailand for all registered vehicles in order to provide better protection for all people involved in accidents, whether they are car drivers, passengers or passive pedestrians. As such, the coverage is strictly for:

  1. Medical expenses such as medical treatment from injuries caused by a car accident, including medical bills, doctor fees, and prescription medicine.
  2. Loss of vital organs such heart, kidneys, liver, etc.
  3. Death or Permanent Disability caused by a road accident
  4. Daily compensation for lost income due to any injuries which require you to heal and recover

What is comprehensive car insurance in Thailand?

Comprehensive car insurance is a voluntary type of insurance for autos in Thailand that provides comprehensive coverage, safeguarding them against a variety of risks. Unlike compulsory insurance, this type of insurance goes beyond just covering bodily damages resulting from road accidents; it also provides protection against own damages, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. One of its many benefits is that it covers the costs of car repair resulting from an accident caused by yourself or others. While the insurance premium for comprehensive coverage may be a bit higher compared to other types of insurance, it offers peace of mind for the driver, knowing that you’re protected from a vast range of potential risk events.

Which motor insurance do I need?

This would depend on your vehicle type, insurance group and your driving profile but in general, new cars or those with a high value would get better protection from a Type 1 or Type 2+ policy. Even older automobiles or autos that are driven less will get appropriate coverage from a Type 2 or Type 3 policy while compulsory motor insurance will only cover compensation for medical costs or death of any person involved in an accident. You can compare insurance coverage with MrKumka and get a free car insurance quote for:

These plans are fully customizable, compared with Compulsory Motor Insurance. Drivers can adjust their premium, deductible, and comprehensive coverage. Additionally, MrKumka plans provide the flexibility to add on 24/7 roadside assistance or compulsory insurance to enhance your car insurance plan. Our offers are designed uniquely for each customer, so drivers who have more than one vehicle or those who don’t use their cars frequently can get a plan and price that meets their needs – a very welcome benefit during these trying times.

What are comprehensive insurance coverage options?

Find the best comprehensive insurance coverage options

MrKumka’s insurance plans allow for customization in 3 key areas:

  1. Insurance Excess: MrKumka offers lower premiums for policies that add excess insurance – a specified amount which differs by policy wherein the insured pays up to the amount of excess and the insurer pays the rest.
  2. Car Repair Garages: You can choose between panel and dealer garages. Panel garages are the go-to repair centre for many customers as it offers the best bang for buck with top-tier service at the best price, but drivers can also opt to repair at dealer garages or any other car repair garage nationwide.
  3. Driver Plan: The named driver plan has the lowest insurance premiums but with more restrictions as only specified people (up to 4) are covered. Other plans differ by age (30 years and more, and 25 years and more) and only provides coverage to people fulfilling the age conditions. For most convenience, the any driver plan provides coverage to any driver, albeit at a higher price.

How to buy comprehensive car insurance?

It only takes a few minutes to get a free car insurance quote, customise your plan and connect with an agent to complete your purchase. Payments are made easy with up to 10 instalments by debit or credit card and as MrKumka encourages good driving and healthy living, drivers get to enjoy up to 10% discount on insurance premiums if their vehicle is equipped with a dash camera.

MrKumka also rewards customers with points to be used to redeem for fuel vouchers, shopping, food and much more. Affordable premiums are the name of the game at MrKumka, that is why we work with the top 15 insurance companies in Thailand to find the best deals for customers who care about their car and being a responsible driver.

Excellent value for money, easy online application, convenient vehicle inspection, and superior customer service with a 4.9/5 customer satisfaction score are some of the reasons to consider buying comprehensive car insurance with

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